St Sigfrids konst skolan
21 Artworks

Eindelijk kunst school

April trötta
9 Artworks

februari 2019
7 Artworks

allt jag gjort i februari 2019

Korte maand maart
4 Artworks

NO motivation

New direction
20 Artworks

new path

The first ones
3 Artworks

Finaly i have the courage to put my work online. I would like it very mutch if yiu comment on them ( nice ,building up or negative )

Hot baverage
4 Artworks

Artwork with thea ,coffee ,and others hot baverages

primary ,NO FRAME
7 Artworks

ATENTION !!! Painted on just canvas .NOT FRAMED !!!!! pAINTING COMES WITH +- 7 CM EXTRA CANVAS . If buyer wants ,we can make frame around it

4 Artworks

SLUTET AV SOMMAREN ,perioden jag fixade sista arbeta på de

Bad fotographer
11 Artworks

new shit,, f..up fotographer

9 Artworks

changed inte nöjd

sommaren 2018
9 Artworks

målad i värma tider No price tag ,if interested give an offer and we can talk about it .

5 Artworks

What do you find ? No frame ,just canvas No price ,what do you Think its Worth ?

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