Added Feb 6, 2019

Februari Times 8
Hopefully the beginning of many

Added Jan 15, 2019

Also daughter Cleo shows a few of het works in Tingsryd Kommun, Sverige. 

Added Jan 15, 2019

Tingsryd kommun 

Added Jan 15, 2019

Exebition in Tingsryd kommun 


Added Jan 2, 2019

Hej, The reason why i deleted older works :

They are now re-used, recycled to something new. 

Hope you do not mind. 


Jennifer Hanskens 

tack till alla

Added Nov 19, 2018


Why i do not put a price on most of them

Added Oct 26, 2018

Because i like to interact with potential buyers .

If interested ,just write an email and we can …...

Why my art is not framed ....

Added Sep 21, 2018

At the moment ,the whole sommer , i work with unframed cloth .
Why ,you may ask …..
It is cheaper ,hahahahha.

I personaly Think that a lot of gallerys ask to much ( fee) Money for new starters to exhibit .
How the f.. can we pay for that if we are just starting upp ?
Take a loan ? again ? no thank you .
I know ,some of you can and do ,but if an artist has a family or responsability in any way …

Then it is ff dificult .



terrible pictures

Added Sep 20, 2018

Hej ,

so sorry ,i am really a terrible fotographer …..

Added Sep 9, 2018

Tack så mycket 

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